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About RAW Music

RAW Music is an NGO founded in 2018 by the team organising the Mastering the Music Business (MMB) international conference in Romania. MMB quickly became the most important conference dedicated to the music industry in Romania and one of the most relevant professional events in this industry in Europe. In addition to the annual editions of the conference, we organise workshops (about music and instruments, music production, music industry, etc.). RAW Music also worked as an export office for Romanian artists, facilitating the establishment of links between Western territories and Central and Eastern European countries and the access of Romanian musicians to major European showcase festivals, such as ESNS, Nouvelle Prague, MENT, Live at Heart, Future Echoes, Tallin Music Week or BUSH. As a result, from 2033 it became a member of the European association of music export offices, European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE).

Founding Members

Anca Lupeș

Carina Sava

Codruț Dumitrescu

Cosmin Ionescu

Dan Fințescu

Iulia Pop